Definition of heritage

Heritage refers to any object or collection, natural or cultural, tangible or intangible, that the francophone community recognized for its value as evidence and historical testimony involving the need to protect, conserve, to appropriate, to put value and pass it on.

The Franco-Ontarian heritage, a collective wealth in constant evolution!

Ontario has a population of over half a million individuals whose mother tongue is French which represents the most important francophone community out of Quebec province.

Throughout the years, immigration has led to a growing population of francophones with different origins. In this context, one of the challenges is to define the present and future historic Franco-Ontarian community.

The Franco-Ontarian community consists of the open and inclusive population that bases its collective development on language and joint institutions, and who shares not only a heritage but also multicultural traits.  

400 years of francophone presence, a heritage worth sharing!

Heritage is the common trait that unites all Francophones living in Ontario. It is a development tool in the building of the identity and pride for all Franco-Ontarians.