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From simple newsletter launched by the Franco-Ontarian Society of History and Genealogy in 1983, Le Chaînon has grown to become Ontario 's flagship magazine for everything related to the history , genealogy and heritage

Le Chaînon is published three times a year and has more than 10 000 readers of all ages in Ontario, Canada, the United-States, Europe and Africa.

Its richness comes from the collaboration of Franco-Ontarians! The publication gathers a variety of collaborators (students, professionals and researchers).



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Please note that Le Chaînon only accepts articles written in French.


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By clicking here, you will find an index of all the articles and authors that have appeared in the Franco-Ontarian heritage magazine Le Chaînon​, from the first issue (1983) to the spring-summer 2013 issue.  

Discover the rich collection of works on the heritage and history of Franco-Ontarians, from the past thirty (30) years!

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