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Ottawa Heritage Walking Tours

The RPFO (previously called ROPFO) updated the booklet Circuits pédestres du patrimoine de la ville d’Ottawa/Ottawa Heritage Walking Tours that was out of stock. The 5 000 copies published by the RPFO in 2001 were completely sold out in less than 4 years. This booklet of the heritage tours of Ottawa was distributed with 5 000 copies. It has now been available since May 2008.

The French and English texts in all 3 sections of the walking tours of the booklet (The Heritage Tour of Ottawa’s Lowertown, The Heritage Tour of Sainte-Anne Parish, and The Heritage Tour of Sandy Hill) were developed, improved and updated. To accomplish this task, the RPFO was helped by two dedicated collaborators (Michel Prévost, Chief Archivist with the Archives of the University of Ottawa, and Serge Barbe, archivist for the city of Ottawa) who graciously volunteered to revise the historical facts included in the booklet. Important changes were made because of their recommendations and expertise.

The RPFO has also assured the sustainability of the booklet by creating a electronic version of this one, which you may consult online on our website in PDF format. 

Circuits pédestres du patrimoine d’Ottawa
French version
Ottawa Heritage Walking Tour
English version