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Graphic designer

Chantal comes from Clarence Creek, a small village in Eastern Ontario, and decided not to go far to start a life and career. A graduate of the Graphic design program at La Cité college, she has more than 19 years of experience in the field. Chantal has always held franco-Ontarian causes close to her heart and has had the opportunity to work with multiple organizations that promote the French language. These include, but are not limited to La Cité, the Collège des Grands Lacs, the ACFO, the SFOHG, the AFO, and the RPFO. Among these projects, Chantal does the design and layout for the magazine Le Chaînon. She has also had the privilege of designing the logo for the 100th anniversary of the AFO. Chantal believes that the French community in Ontario is vibrant and dynamic, and enjoys making designs in its image.

Editor of the magazine Le Chaînon

Samy Khalid has been a lover of history, genealogy and heritage since a young age. The fact that he has a foot on three continents (America, Europe and North Africa) and a cosmopolitan education has given him a rich appreciation of culture, architecture and the importance of world heritage on identity. After he started his career in translation and an incursion in politics, Samy completed a doctorate in history and got involved in the Franco-Ontarian community network. He was involved with ROPFO for many years, first as vice-chair of the board of directors, then as the executive director. A freelance consultant, writer and editor, he was also a political analyst at the Francophone Assembly of Ontario (AFO). His current full-time job is with the Governor General’s Office as a herald of arms for the Canadian Heraldic Authority. He has been the editor of Le Chaînon since May 2012.

Responsible for accounting

George-Alexandre Savoie
Project Officer